Increasing regional capacity; building sustainability; exploring new funding opportunities: we are building Motivation

For 28 years Motivation has been transforming the lives of disabled people around the world. Working with local, national and international partners, we have provided innovative and practical solutions that enable greater independence and opportunity for disabled people in developing countries. 

From designing our own unique range of wheelchairs, to influencing international governments and some of the world’s largest NGO’s, we continue to empower disabled people to stay healthy, access education, gain employment, and participate in their communities.     

Yet despite significant progress, over 70 million people are without access to an appropriate wheelchair today. Disproportionate numbers of disabled people continue to face discrimination. With 80% of disabled people living in developing countries, the majority are denied access to their basic human rights.

Faced with these challenges, we know that we must always evolve and innovate to achieve the greatest impact for disabled people in the regions that we operate.

Over the past year, Motivation has been involved in the growing global focus on assistive technology as an enabler for inclusion. With the Global Disability Summit, the launch of ATscale and AT:2030, the new disability strategies from the UN and the UK’s DFID, there has never been a better time to increase our influence on the systems that will improve and strengthen wheelchair provision for future generations. 

Motivation can both guide and lead the momentum for change.

To achieve this we are embarking on a period of transition, which will see Motivation shift to a more global model of operation. Over the next 18 months, we will prioritise building the capacity of our regional teams, so they can drive and deliver the change that is required in their communities more equitably. We will also explore new funding models and we will build our financial sustainability.

These plans mean that Motivation’s structure is inevitably evolving, too. This will mean a change in current roles and the creation of new ones. It’s never easy to make these changes, but we know they are vital to ensure we are in the best shape possible to grow our long term impact for disabled people.

During this time we continue to deliver our work in India and Africa, to advance our design innovation and to meet all commitments. We will do all we can to minimise disruption and provide updates on changes to our valued partners, donors and supporters.

Throughout any changes, our vision and mission remain the same. We continue to enable greater independence and opportunity for disabled people in developing countries through the design and provision of wheelchairs, services and training. We continue to advocate for the rights and inclusion of all disabled people.

Strong collaborations and partnerships will continue to be critical to our success. We look forward to building our existing relationships and developing new ones. Many thanks to everyone who is supporting Motivation during this time of change. Together we will build a stronger organisation.   

Photo © Matt Grayson