Virtual challenges can be a really inclusive way to get involved in fundraising. Taking part in a challenge event at home means you can stay safe and choose what works for you! But sometimes it’s hard to get inventive and find a challenge that can be adapted for your disability.

We asked a few friends to share ideas for disability fundraising challenges and they came up with some excellent suggestions. Want to take on a challenge to raise money for your favourite charity? Read on…


‘Boccia’ you can take on this challenge

Boccia is one of the most accessible and inclusive sports. It’s a target ball sport like bowls (boules, petanque) that tests muscle control and accuracy from a seated position.

How about challenging yourself to increase your distance from the target? How far back can you position yourself and still hit the ball? As your friends and family to sponsor you to reach a target distance!

Catch on to a fun challenge

A game of catch is a great and simple way to challenge yourself. How many times can you pass a ball back and forth without dropping it? Can you increase the distance between you and your catching buddy?

You can even make a ball at home from paper or plastic bags. Need an audible ball? Check out this advice on making one from materials around the house.

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There are no obstacles!

An obstacle course can be set up anywhere in your home or garden that there is a bit of space. You can build it to be suit your accessibility needs and the space you have available. For your challenges just repeat the course as many times as you can in a set time frame.

Show off your sporty superpower

If you already having a sporting talent, now is the time to use it for good! Wheelchair basketball fans could aim to shoot hoops. Wheelchair tennis players could set up a rally - with someone or against a wall. Wheelchair racers can aim for a new personal best. And anyone can learn some new wheelchair tricks!  

Just dance!

There are so many different ways to take on a dance challenge! You could copy a famous routine, dancing for a set amount of time or adapt a number of TikTok dances.

This can be a really fun one for anyone. So get creative and throw some shapes from your own home.


Team up with a virtual relay

Want to take on a team challenge with friends and family? Setting up a virtual relay race can be really easy. Just pick a way to video call each other when you’ve completed your leg of the race – when they receive your call, they get started!

Decide on a distance and see how quickly you can hit it. Or set a time and see how far you can all race – just add up your individual distances at the end.

Challenges for donations

A great way to get people involved is to ask them to nominate a challenge for a donation. You can set some rules for the challenges you’ll accept and decide on how many you’ll complete at the start – then share with friends and family!

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