The Coronavirus pandemic has encouraged us to find new ways to connect online. Watch our first virtual event to find out how this will impact on Motivation's future work.

If you were to look for a silver lining amidst the gloom of COVID-19, what would you find? For our teams across Motivation, there is a clear answer: finding new uses for technology that have increased the scope of our work and broadened its reach.

From virtual meetings with project users and partners, to videos calls that have brought us together while we work apart. In numerous ways we’ve become a stronger and more globally connected organisation.

So, hosting a virtual event felt like the natural next step. A way to connect with our supporters and give something back. A way to let them know how buoyed we are by their ongoing encouragement and their flexible approach while we adjust our activities.

Most importantly, a way to give direct insight to the impact of their generous donations from the staff on the ground and the communities we serve.

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