As we are seeing now in Ukraine – as in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Yemen, and countless other conflicts – war brings death and injury to millions around the world.

There is a clear need for wheelchair provision in these emergency situations.

Disabled people often lose their mobility product in conflict, and many injured people will need to use a wheelchair, either permanently or temporarily.

Without a wheelchair people are unable to move to safety or access emergency services such as food, shelter and medical aid.

Our training resources

Some time ago Motivation developed a set of resources Emergency Response Wheelchair (EWC) provision resources in partnership with Humanity & Inclusion and Johanniter International Assistance.

The EWC resources give emergency response teams the tools to quickly meet the immediate needs of large numbers of people who need wheelchairs after a disaster or crisis has occurred.

As with any Motivation product or service, the focus is on supplying and fitting appropriate wheelchairs to each individual based on their needs.

Through quick provision of appropriate wheelchairs, injured and disabled people will be able to access relief efforts and survive in an emergency situation.

To date the resources have been used in response to emergencies in the Philippines, Gaza and Nepal.

The resources are split into service resources and training resources.

The service resources are open to any person or organisation to use. If you require documents in different formats, further advice, or want to translate any materials into another language, please get in touch with us using the details below.

The short training course is designed to support the training of personnel or volunteers to provide a wheelchair and cushion for people who need them in an emergency. The training package will enable participants to set up an emergency response wheelchair service to prescribe and fit transitional use wheelchairs. Please contact us for more information.

Service Resources

EWC Fitting Form

EWC Fitting Problem-solving

EWC User-training Checklist

EWC Health & Mobility Guide

EWC Set-up Guide

Training Resources

Emergency Response Wheelchair Training Course Overview

EWC Participants Manual


Further support

If you or your organisation require any guidance on using the above materials, or would like to enquire about further training and resources Motivation can provide, please contact us:

India office

Telephone: +91 (0)80 2543 8669

Email: [email protected]

UK office

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