This week's Global Disability Summit (GDS) has the potential to be a powerful event that fuels the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), the principle of ‘Leave No One Behind’ (LNOB) and, this year, building back better and more inclusive responses with regards to Covid-19.

Hosted by the Government’s of Norway and Ghana, it will bring together governments, multilateral organisations, civil society and everyone in between, and has four key objectives:

1. Raise global attention and focus on neglected areas and inclusive sustainable development

2. Strengthen the capacity of organisations of persons with disabilities in the Global South and their engagement with governments

3. Mobilise targeted and concrete commitments on disability inclusion and inclusive development

4. Showcase best practice and evidence from across the world on disability inclusive development, and progress made from the GDS in 2018

Delegates will discuss inclusive education, health, employment and livelihoods, conflict, climate change and other crises, and the impact of gender on all of these areas.  

How does the summit create actual change?

As with the 2018 Summit’s Charter for Change, participants are invited to make commitments, based on the key needs identified through consultation with disabled people’s organisations globally.

As an international disability charity, Motivation will of course be joining the Summit and we wanted to share our five new commitments with you...

1. Support, develop and implement programmes on assistive technology

Motivation has three decades of experience in designing appropriate wheelchairs and strengthening wheelchair provision – but we know there is more to do!  

This GDS, Motivation therefore commits to:

  • Pilot, evidence and advocate for new business models for sustainable supply of wheelchairs and related products

2. Build capacity on inclusive education in the education work force

We also deliver projects such as All Stars that use sport to engage disabled children and work with their teachers so they ensure children can come to and stay in education.

Motivation therefore commits to:

  • Building the capacity of teachers and sports coaches with specific knowledge on the inclusion of children with disabilities

3. Promote social inclusion at community level

Motivation does a lot of work targeting social inclusion at the community level, particularly through our parent and caregiver training, peer support groups; All Stars project and the user engagement we facilitate in order to design and monitor our programmes.

This GDS, Motivation therefore commits to:

  • Continuing to raise awareness in families and communities about the human rights model of disability and their role in contributing to inclusive societies

4. Optimise the use of data on disability inclusion to inform health policies and investments

Motivation understands the importance of sharing and using data in designing products and programmes that do not just work in the moment, but are sustainable, intersectional and just.

We therefore commit to:

  • Collecting, analysing and sharing our project data to inform disability inclusive health policies
  • Disaggregating our data by gender and disability

5. Build capacities on disability inclusive health in the health workforce and in service delivery 

People with disabilities have the right to a health workforce with the understanding, competence, knowledge and skills to address their wants and needs. We are working with academic partners to strengthen curricula so that occupational therapy and physiotherapy students have knowledge of best practice around wheelchairs, seating and posture. We also link academic courses to wheelchair services so that students get practical experience and wheelchair service staff get the chance to refresh their knowledge.  

In 2022, Motivation therefore specifically commits to:

  • Piloting, evidencing and advocating for new models of building a sustainable skilled clinical, technical and rehabilitation workforce

We encourage you to join us at the Summit on the 16th and 17th of February 2022 by registering here.

As always, we thank you for your invaluable support, which makes the work we do - and these commitments - possible. You can donate here

Watch our video outlining our hopes for the Global Disability Summit. 


The Motivation Team