Motivation knows the impact that assistive technology can have on individuals only too well, and how it can empower them to participate fully in life. And with one billion people in need of assistive technology globally – a figure that is set to double in the next thirty years – it’s vital that we channel new technologies to meet this growing demand.

We were therefore delighted to see the ‘Innovating for Disability’ category included in this year’s FT/IFC Transformational Business Awards. To have such high profile industry-leading experts putting our sector on a global stage is invaluable for showcasing solutions to the necessary scale of change.

Through our Motivation InnovATe project we’re seeing first-hand how design innovation can improve the lives of disabled people in developing countries – and we know the challenges involved. Motivation’s co-founder David Constantine was therefore asked to help shortlist for the new Transformational Solutions Special award, and help select the winner alongside the Department for International Development (DFID), the award sponsors.    

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated – you’re all doing impressive and important work. And a special well done to Amparo and their revolutionary 'Confidence Socket' a below-knee prosthetic socket that fits directly onto a residual limb. Using a unique, low temperature thermoplastic it is capable of being remoulded up to 10 times as the limb changes in volume. This drastically reduces the time and equipment required to fit a prosthetic, taking as little as one hour, and significantly increases accessibility for amputees in developing countries or remote areas.

David, who attended the Awards said:

I was particularly captivated by Amparo’s work, and how their prosthetic solution is not only harnessing new technologies and materials but being applied to a developing world context. The innovation means that the prosthetic can be fitted anywhere and with optimal efficiency, so that an amputee’s rehabilitation can begin immediately. I know how important this can be to help individuals get their lives back on track following an accident or injury. Well done Amparo!

We look forward to seeing how Amparo’s and all of the shortlisted organisations' work evolves over the coming months. At the same time, we are continuing to roll out our very own InnovATe project which uses digital assessment, generative design software and 3D printing to create a new system for locally producing made-to-measure wheelchairs.

Our design engineers are heading out to Kenya this summer to train up local technicians to pilot the system and will be testing the first prototypes with local wheelchair users. We’ll be sharing new of their trip in the coming months.

Invest in innovation...

Motivation InnovATe is a project designed to disrupt and improve wheelchair provision in developing countries – with the ultimate aim of scaling up globally. We have just over 80% of funding for the pilot phase and need further support to enable us to complete this trial and refine the system.

If you would like to learn more about how you can support Motivation InnovATe contact Joanna Hall on 0117 9660398.