Help disabled people in India to rebuild their lives after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has stolen the livelihoods of 140 million people in India. Many already lived in poverty, barely scraping together enough income to survive and support their families. 

They often travelled long distances from remote villages to the cities, to work in menial jobs.

For disabled people these challenges are even greater. Limited mobility and deep discrimination make the journeys hard and the work tougher. Without support from organisations like Motivation, they don't have the confidence or knowledge to start their own businesses. 

It’s a hard to get by. And now the pandemic has wiped out even limited opportunities.

Some support goes a long way

It doesn't have to be this way. Motivation has been providing dry ration kits to families so they can feed themselves. But we want to make longer term change. We want to empowering disabled people - like Ashtami - to gain confidence and new skills so they can set up their own livelihoods. 

After receiving a Motivation tricycle, I was made confident to move around. I can propel 3-5km in a day without any discomfort. It is appropriate for our uneven, muddy roads.

I was so happy and living independently with my family, but COVID changed a lot with me. My husband lost his income source. As days are passing, our situation is getting worse.

So I decided to do something.

I started selling handkerchiefs, face mask and other clothes for women. Using my new tricycle, I can travel safely to nearby villages and I am able to earn enough to manage. 

We want to help more people to set up their own livelihoods - just like Ashtami!

You can make the difference

Support Motivation India to build a better future for people like Ashtami and her family.

In the coming months, we will provide training to 500 young adults in remote, rural communities across eight states. By empowering them to set up a micro enterprise of their own them – from farming to tailoring – our trainees will can gain new skills, knowledge and financial independence.

Will you help us transform their lives?

Fundraise with the world

Join the Sunfeast India Run As One event and fundraise with your friends and family – wherever they are in the world.

Pick an activity – running, walking or wheeling – and register to join Motivation India at the Run As One website. A donation will be made to our work.

You can start fundraising straight away to inspire your loved ones to give too. By raising £315 (30,000 rupees) you can support one person to build their new livelihood.

Donate to Team Motivation India 

Visit our Give India page today and make a donation of any size. All your support helps us to make a difference to disabled people in poverty.

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