Our Meet the Team blog series introduces our Motivation colleagues: people passionate about the rights of disabled children and adults!

Meet Clare, our sports range manager based in our UK office.

Name: Clare Childs 

Job title: Sports Range Manager

Location: Bristol, UK 

When did you join Motivation? 

June 2011 

How did you hear about Motivation? Why did you want to work here? 

A recruiter called; they felt my experience in business-to-business sales, working for a UK provider of wheelchairs and living aids, along with voluntary work with disability access crew at Reading and Glastonbury Festivals all lined up to be perfect for a sales job in Motivation Direct Ltd! 

What is the best project you’ve been involved in or what piece of work are you most proud of? 

Combining the sports wheelchairs for tennis and basketball to the Multisport so we could hold stock and improve our sales proposition. 

What do you hope for the future of Motivation, and for the future of disabled children and adults? 

Wheelchairs are supplied and fitted from a range of chairs made near to the locations where people need them, supplied as a right, not an act of charity. 

Tell us one thing or one story about yourself that your colleagues may be surprised to hear 

I failed to get in to not one but two international sides for rugby (Ireland and England)! I played for Clifton Rugby Club and lined up in warm-up matches against national teams including England, France, the All Blacks, Canada, Ireland and Wales during their tours of the UK.

Clare can help you find the right sports wheelchair for your needs, or help you connect with people to get started in wheelchair sports

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