Want to find a way to raise money for your favourite charity from home? Let these tips bring you some Motivation!

It’s harder to find ways to support your favourite cause right now. Our fundraising team came up with ways to raise money safely from home during lockdown…

1. Running from isolation

Using your daily exercise time to get outdoors is really important right now, if you can. But it might be hard to stay motivated when your normal routine is disrupted. Setting a target distance for a daily jog will keep you going – and getting your friends to sponsor you as you go further each day will help even more. 

Just record your distance using a Fitbit or running app. You could even do it in fancy dress to amuse your neighbours and post videos to entertain your friends.

Remember to stick to government guidance: exercise outdoors for up to an hour only, stay local and choose areas where you can maintain social distancing.

Make sure you set up a JustGiving page and promote your challenge through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram

2. Get quizzical

Missing your local quiz? Why not host your own on a group call website, like Zoom, or an app like HouseParty. Invite your friends to join and make a donation in your name.

If you want to share it with your sports team, book club or community group, you could even open up your quiz through Facebook Live or Instagram Live!

3. Bringing the movies home

Or how about hosting a virtual movie fundraiser night with your pals? Using Netflix Party or Google Hangout, you can coordinate your viewing from home. Ask your mates to donate the cost of a cinema ticket, get the popcorn on and… relax.

4. Retail therapy

Did you know that there are loads of online shopping sites that will make a donation in your name every time you use them? You can give to Motivation through Amazon Smile or through Easy Fundraising, which features all sorts of leading UK retailers including M&S and Argos. 

5.Climb Every Mountain

Bring the outdoors indoors with this climbing challenge… Just divide the height of your chosen mountain by the height of your stairs. This will give you the number of times you’ll have to climb the stairs to reach the same ‘height’ as your mountain.

Use social media to encourage people to follow your ‘expedition’ with photos from second base camp (halfway up the stairs) and any local wildlife en route (your cat).

6. Be a Knit-wit

Try to knit the longest scarf or crochet the biggest blanket and get people to guess the final length or size for a small donation. Or how about making a patchwork quilt and asking people to donate per square?

7. Distract the kids

Are your children driving you to distraction? How about capturing their energy and attention with a sponsored skip, dance, trampoline bounce or even – if you’re lucky – a sponsored silence! All this can be done from the safety of your garden or living room.

You could invite local neighbours to get involved in their own homes, too, and see who can raise the most money. Download a sponsorship form here.

8. Turn saving into giving

While we’re working from home, we’re definitely saving money on all those takeaway coffees, train commutes, petrol costs and lunchtime sandwiches. And we’re not heading to the hairdresser or nail bar right now (hard as that may be).

For lunch, you could donate £5. For a train ticket, you could give £20. For a tank of petrol, perhaps you could afford £50.

You’ll give yourself a warm glow by donating some of the money you’d otherwise be spending on everyday luxuries or errands!

9. Give the gift of donations

We really feel for any Aries and Taurus babies out there. A birthday in lockdown is probably not what you hand in mind. Perhaps you could organise a birthday fundraiser on Facebook in place of gifts this year, to perk up your special day with feel-good factor.

If you’re looking to give a present from afar, buy a Gift in Motion. It’s perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions when you can’t get to the shops. Every gift you purchase will help disabled people across developing countries become mobile, independent and empowered.

Order one working day ahead and we will send an e-gift card either to yourself or to your recipient.

10. Set up a virtual charity shop

Now is a great time for a clear out and prepare to sell your stuff online! Get everything ready to go – photos, descriptions etc – and you’ll be ready to open a virtual charity shop when life starts returning to normal. You can donate directly to charity through Ebay!

Or if you fancy a more sociable way to pass on your clothes, how about a virtual clothes swap with friends? Everyone brings at least a couple of items and shows them off to the group on a video chat.

11. Gaming for good

Gaming is a great way to get together with friends online and now you can run a fundraiser at the same time. Choose your game (one that has an ultimate winner is best, like a sports game) and simply invite your group to play for a small donation.

You could also host a gaming tournament with a Twitch livestream – broadcast it through an OBS and connect up your JustGiving page so people can give at any time without leaving the game stream. Find out how.

We'd love to know what you’re doing, so get in touch by email or let us know through social media!