Download our free guide to sports wheelchair care and maintenance!

Clubs, schools and federations have been so inventive and worked so hard to keep participants connected and active during lockdown. But while so much remote activity has been going on, has your court equipment been sitting idle for a year? 

As plans start to emerge for a return to grassroots sport, it's a great time to give your sports wheelchair inventory a once over...

  • Do the castor wheels spin freely?
  • Are the blots fully tight?
  • Is the cushion tidy and clean?

Before your participants return, make sure all your sports wheelchairs are in tip top condition. Cover any basic maintenance needs and order any spare parts now!

Download our free guide to sports wheelchair care and maintenance

Use this free guide to make sure your equipment is in good, safe working order - so your athletes can get rolling again! Designed for our Motivation Multisport, but featuring great checklists and tips for any quality court sports wheelchair.

Download the guide now, or get in touch with any questions!

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