If you’re looking for inspiration for an alternative to traditional team building days, then why not consider this fantastic offering from o3e – the Sports Wheelchair Build Challenge!

We’ve teamed up with o3e, who organise corporate and team-building activities, to support their latest venture - the Sports Wheelchair Build Challenge!

It’s a fun, energetic and very hands-on activity that sees teams compete to assemble a Motivation sports wheelchair. And once constructed the teams are able to use their newly assembled wheelchair to participate in races and games!

Motivation supplies the wheelchairs and o3e organises the whole event, including working with companies and organisations to source venues, provide instructions and facilitate the whole day.

And at the end of the team-building day all of the sports wheelchairs are donated to a local sports club, meaning that disabled adults and children across the UK ultimately benefit from your efforts.

Photos (c) Matt Grayson

Since teaming up with o3e, teams have helped to assemble 148 Multisport wheelchairs and 11 Flying Starts – all of them donated to help more people access grassroots sports. And what’s more because o3e are purchasing the wheelchairs from us, all profits from the sales are being directed towards our wider charitable project work in developing countries – making it a win-win situation!

A great afternoon enjoyed by all the team, some people were nervous beforehand but it was so well organised and run that everyone was involved and felt a part of the activity. People felt inspired and at the end of our team day we had created something that was going to have a lasting impact. We definitely recommend. Ocado 

If you work for a company or organisation that would like to step up for the Sports Wheelchair Build Challenge get in touch with us at [email protected] or you can speak to o3e directly about the options available to you.