“When you acquire a disability, it may change your physical ability to do things you love doing. But it doesn’t necessarily change your love of doing them.”

Motivation co-founder David Constantine met with Sugru to talk Bristol, hobbies and how his accident changed his life.

As a young adult, David was a keen sportsperson, photographer and surfer with a passion for the outdoors. In fact, it was while travelling in Australia that he dived into a shallow pool and broke his neck. Since his accident in 1982, he has been in a wheelchair.

“When you acquire a disability at some point in your life, it may change your physical ability to do things you love doing,” David explained. “But it doesn’t necessarily change your love of doing them.”

The first thing he realised he could no longer do was pick up his 35mm camera. But he didn’t let that stop him pursuing photography. Instead, he moved onto larger camera models that would sit on his lap and paid someone to create levers to take photos with.

The outdoors was a really special thing for me.

I’ve been able to adapt things myself at a very low cost and to my own design.

Since he found Sugru, he has been able to adapt more and more of the things around him – and to his own design. Whether it is light switches, paintbrushes, his toothbrush or his iPhone, the combination of his creative mind and Sugru’s mouldable glue has ensured that he can make things work for his needs.

He has even adapted a pair of oars, meaning he can row alone even without a tight grip.

“Being back on the water in a rowing boat is excellent," he said. "...it gives you a sense of being in touch with the elements and that is really special."

Sugru filmed their time with David and made the beautiful film you can watch below.

About Motivation

Following his accident, David was no longer able to pursue his studies in agriculture. Instead, he chose to study product design at the London College of Art. And it was here that he met his fellow co-founder Simon Gue, won a competition to design a wheelchair suitable for use in the developing world, and used the prize money to travel to Bangladesh.

Motivation was born a few years later, and since inception, we have touched the lives of thousands of disabled people in 120 countries around the globe.

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Thank you to Sugru for video and photographs.
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