Cerebral Palsy is the most common childhood disability, affecting one in 278 children. And, in the countries we work in, it can cause depression, isolation and anxiety in parents. Motivation's Parent and Caregiver Training aims to change that.

Cerebral Palsy is a complex disability caused by damage to a developing brain. It can cause problems with movement and coordination, as well as challenges with communicating, learning, epilepsy and behaviour. It can limit a child's social interactions and independence in every day activities like eating, drinking and sleeping. 

Parents can feel overwhelmed, with little support from their community and limited specialist knowledge about how to care for their child.

Parent and Caregiver Training aims to empower parents with the skills and knowledge they need to enable their child to reach their full potential. This includes helping with feeding and communication issues, understanding the causes of disability and reducing stigma. The parent support groups help break down barriers and generate demand for wheelchair services, as parents begin to see the potential in their child. 

The Parent and Caregiver training package is: 

  • Interactive, practical, skills based and uses adult learning principles
  • Pitched at a level that enables parents to develop the skills to lead future groups
  • Designed to guide the facilitators with activities and questions for group discussion, to enable joint problem solving, developing confidence and skills 
  • Designed for small groups to allow full participation as well as build trust and relationships between parents 

Feedback from parents who have completed the course is consistently positive. In Uganda: 

  • 85% of parents felt more confident in caring for their child
  • 89% said they felt better in their own social health and wellbeing, feeling less isolated and finding it easier to ask for help
  • 75% said that they had seen improvement in their child's wellbeing

Sumayiah, whose daughter Rania has Cerebral Palsy, told us before she attend Parent and Caregiver Training that she "was miserable all the time, crying for my child. I was just in my world alone. I was locked in my house crying ‘why me?’”. But now, Sumayiah says, “my life has totally changed. [The training] has improved my confidence because I realise I am not alone." 

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