The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics has treated us to an incredible two weeks of sporting excellence and inclusion. These Games in the face of pandemic are surely going to remembered for incredible warmth from the hosts and the athletes that captivated us with incredible performances rather than the years delay, empty stands and very real Covid concerns which just faded away as soon as the competition started.

There were also many firsts to be enjoyed, 5 nations made their Paralympic debut a tremendous achievement and many athletes and teams made their mark as the first to represent in their sport and their gender and a huge number of personal best and world records.

There was a very poignant show of solidarity for the missing Paralympic team of two that couldn’t make it out of Afghanistan in time for the opening but were able to join and compete even if for one participant it was in a different discipline. Again a team that competed under the Agitos flag representing Team Refugee took to the international stage.

More people than ever were given the chance to watch the Games thanks to an initiative that saw the Games televised across African nations enabling many to see the Paralympics for the first time and fall in love with new sports and familiar ones played in a different way.

Coverage here in the UK both on and off screen has been the most diverse and representative.

The launch of the global 10 year We The 15 campaign that sees diverse organisations across many sectors uniting to change attitudes and create more opportunities for persons with disabilities, as well as improve mobility and accessibility.

The Tokyo Games have been incredible - but could it be better?

Medal tables and particular sports are still dominated by high income nations and there are still countries and athletes fighting for their right to play and participate at the grassroots as well as on the world stage. So how can Paris Games be better, what can and is being done to make the Paralympics fully inclusive and is that possible?

Please join us on Friday 15th October at 12pm GMT on Zoom (or watch a recording later) for a one hour discussion with some lively speakers and discussion and hopefully some disagreement and ideas looking at:-

  • North South divide
  • Future of sports inside and out of the Games
  • Barriers to entry and how to overcome them
  • How We The 15 movement can help to level things up
  • See me be me: Sport representation

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Photo Credit:  Little One Winged Plane from Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Opening Ceremony featuring Motivation Multi-Sport