“I want to give others hope – tell them they can live and do things they say they can’t do.”

Carol was just like any other young girl except she was born with spina bifida. Whilst other people in her community could see past it, her father couldn’t accept her disability. He left home, abandoning Carol and the rest of the family.

Sadly, this reaction is not uncommon. In countries like Kenya, stigma and discrimination mean disabled people are often abandoned by their families, excluded from schools and workplaces, and shunned from everyday life.

 Before Motivation, I would say “I cannot do this because I am disabled."

Carol felt hopeless and isolated, like she was the only disabled person in the world. But her grandmother encouraged her to play wheelchair basketball at school and she soon met staff from Motivation.

Following their advice, she was able to start keeping herself healthy. Her self-esteem improved and she began to meet other people with disabilities.

She then attended Motivation’s peer training, where she learnt extra wheelchair skills and bladder management techniques from other wheelchair users. She learnt more about the rights of disabled people too.

I feel comfortable with myself.

Since then, Carol’s life has changed. She has the confidence to look to the future and realise her dreams.

“I want to be self-employed,” she told us. “I used to work in a call centre but I left because of the management. They took advantage because I was in a wheelchair. I’d like to have my own beauty shop. I already have the skills to be a beautician and I would like the opportunity to run and manage a business.”

Carol has also decided she would like to have a family – something she had never considered before her training. But above all, Carol wants to help other wheelchair users so they can change their lives too.

I want to give others hope – tell them they can live and do things they say they can’t do.

There is still time to support our Ready, Willing and Able appeal.

Your donation could help us equip people like Carol with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to get into employment. It could help us work with communities and employers to challenge discrimination and change attitudes so that disabled people can be included in society and work.

You can make double the difference to people like Carol. Give before 3rd March 2018 and the UK Government will match your donation pound for pound.

Appeal update

Our Ready, Willing and Able appeal finished on the 3rd March 2018 and raised over £240,000. This funding will be doubled by the UK Government.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated, making this appeal an incredible success.

You can still make a donation to Motivation. Your gift will be spent wherever it will have the greatest impact across our projects.