"The more people we can meet and talk to and reach out to the more lives we can change."

At the age of 17 Catherine experienced sudden numbness in her leg. She was afraid, and to her surprise, people didn’t believe her and thought she was joking. Life suddenly became very difficult for Catherine once she lost her mobility. She felt isolated and trapped in her home, and lost her friendships and social life.

My life revolved around my home. It was very difficult. I would wake up late and most of the day I was in bed. I would sleep, eat and watch TV. People would say I was bewitched. It made me want to stay in the house. People told my mum to take me to church. Maybe religion would solve my problems.

Catherine had given up on her previous dreams of a normal life and a family of her own, and resigned herself to a different fate. However, since attending Motivation peer-training Catherine has turned her life around. She has learned how to manage pressure sores and her bladder, which has given her new found confidence and independence to go to work. She now has a daughter and wants to share the benefits of peer-training with others.

I have talked to people about bladder control and pressure sores. I have taught people how to use catheters. There are many people like me.  You are in a wheelchair and that is your life. The more people we can meet and talk to and reach out to the more lives we can change. Thank you to motivation. You have made life possible for me.

Now Catherine has even bigger dreams and wants to use her positive experience to not only support others with disabilities, but she also wants to train in counselling to support the wider community and expand her skills.

One day of Catherine’s training cost just £88, and this has helped her to re-join society, re-gain her independence, and follow her dreams of starting a family and help others access the same support she had. There are many more people like Catherine living in isolation, hiding way from society afraid to follow their dreams.

After the training I realised I could do something. If the opportunity for job skills training and more support was available, I would like to train in counselling and support people with disabilities.

This is why Motivation has launched a brand new appeal called Ready, Willing and Able, which aims to unlock the potential of disabled people and give them a fair chance to work their way out of poverty. Launching on 3rd December to coincide with the International Day of Peoples with Disabilities, the appeal will run for three months. Motivation is also delighted to announce that the UK Government has agreed to double all donations to the appeal, which means your donation goes twice as far.

By supporting Motivation’s latest appeal you can have a lasting impact on people like Catherine, helping to inform disabled people of their basic rights and how to stand up for them. As well as the provision of job-skills training, Motivation will work with families, communities and businesses to challenge the discrimination that leads to the exclusion of disabled people in society. Through awareness raising activities this appeal will also help to break down the barriers that prevent disabled people from entering the workforce by talking to businesses about the legislation around employment of disabled people and highlighting the benefits of a more inclusive workforce.

Donate today to help more people like Catherine fulfil their potential.

Appeal update

Our Ready, Willing and Able appeal finished on the 3rd March 2018 and raised over £240,000. This funding will be doubled by the UK Government.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated, making this appeal an incredible success.

You can still make a donation to Motivation. Your gift will be spent wherever it will have the greatest impact across our projects.