An active, adjustable child's wheelchair designed for rural and urban areas

An active, adjustable child's wheelchair for rural and urban areas

The Motivation Children’s Active wheelchair is an active style, three-wheel wheelchair that can tackle the roughest terrain or easily move around indoors on flatter surfaces. 

This kid's wheelchair is lightweight, making it easy for self-propulsion, but if assistance is required the push handle can be adjusted easily to the right height.

The enlarged front castor and three-wheel design offers stability and support that creates a confident seating position.  The rear wheels have a simple and durable quick release axle system, making the chair easier to transport and store.

A pressure relieving, postural supportive cushion (with water resistant and fire retardant cover) comes as standard, ensuring the seating is comfortable all day. Low level side guards allow for easy transfers in and out of the chair. 

This wheelchair allows levels of adjustment in the seat depth, footrest height and angle, backrest height with tension adjustable straps, so it can be tailored to suit the users needs as the child grows.

For wheelchair users with more complex postural support needs, check out the Motivation Moti Go or ask about out Postural Support Device Kits.

Key features

  • Designed for high performance on rough terrain
  • Adjustable seat depth, backrest, footrest, push handle height
  • Allows for self-propulsion or attendant propulsion
  • Curved armrests enable pressure relief lifts and ease of transfer
  • Posturally supportive padded fabric backrest
  • Easily collapsible for storage and transport

As with all Motivation everyday wheelchairs, the Children's Active wheelchair adjustable to provide a customised fit: seat depth, footrest height and angle, backrest height and angle can all be adapted to suit the user. Push handles can also be adjusted to allow children or adults to assist with mobility.

Designed with Motivation’s expert technicians, the Children's Active wheelchair is durable for at least five years of service during normal use, providing it is appropriately maintained.

Technical Specification

Seat widths: 300mm (prescribed foam hip pads can convert down to 250mm)

Seat depth: 240mm, 290mm, 340mm

Backrest height: 200mm, 265mm, 330mm

Pressure relief cushion: Yes

Weight capacity: 50kg

Product weight: 11.3kg

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Shivani and Maya in their Children's Active wheelchairs

Shivani and Maya are sisters who live in India. They were fitted with their very own Motivation Children’s Active wheelchairs - and those smiles say everything! 

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