Motivation puts clinical and technical expertise at the heart of our work and consultancy. Find out about the team who make this happen.

Motivation puts clinical and technical expertise at the heart of our work. Every wheelchair and programme is designed and delivered with user needs in mind, so we can make the greatest impact for health, mobility and independence.

Across Africa, India and the UK, our team combines expertise in occupational therapy, prosthetics and orthotics, physiotherapy and wheelchair technology.

We’re committed to sharing knowledge, so our team also delivers training, mentoring and resources to wheelchair services through partnerships and consultancy. They set and maintain standards for clinical and technical excellence for Motivation and our partner services, with a focus on strengthening sustainability.

The team is integral to programme design and delivery, too. Through Motivation Peer Training activities and our Parent and Caregiver Training packages, their work ensures that disabled people and those who support them are equipped with vital skills and understanding. They work closely with participants to get feedback that informs our activities. 

Through their clinical and technical input, we can ensure our work increases quality of life, confidence and independence. And this empowers project participants to become self-advocates for the services they need.

Meet the team

Charles is Motivation’s Regional Service Development Coordinator based in Kenya. With 12 years' experience as a Prosthetist and Orthotist, he trains wheelchair services on the WHO Wheelchair Service Training Packages for wheelchair provision.

Herbert is a Physiotherapist and our Project Clinician in Uganda. He delivers Motivation Parent and Caregiver training, as well as WHO Wheelchair Service Training Packages to local wheelchair services. He is a mentor for many community partners in the region.

Lameck is a Regional Clinician and Project Manager in Malawi with seven years’ experience as an Occupational Therapist. He delivers Motivation Parent and Caregiver Training to local community organisations and mentors local wheelchair services.

Prasanth is one of our expert Wheelchair Technicians, based in the Indian team. He has 20 years' experience in the field of disability and rehabilitation with nine years as a Prosthetist and Orthotist. At Motivation he provides technical support to wheelchair users and partner services.

Praveen is a Physiotherapist with 13 years’ experience, specialising in wheelchairs, seating and rehabilitation. At Motivation India he is Programmes Manager responsible for partnership development and is certified to deliver WHO Wheelchair Service Training Packages. He also gets involved with wheelchair sports events and fundraising activities.

Siddhartha is our Assistant Manager for clinical support and training. He has worked as a Physiotherapist for ten years, with seven of these specialising in wheelchairs. He develops and coordinates new wheelchair service partnerships, provides wheelchair training and capacity building programmes with partners.

Sudhakar is our South Asia Regional Manager for training and programme quality. He has specialised in the field of wheelchairs, seating and physical rehabilitation for 15 years. He is certified to deliver WHO Wheelchair Service Training Packages and is experienced in mentoring services to build skills in seating and postural management.


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