"Learning how to budget has given me confidence. It is helping my daughter’s future."

Debra* is six years old and lives with her father Charles, her brother and sister, and a babysitter in Kampala.

Her mother has to work away from home to support the family, and comes to visit her husband and children every couple of months. Charles works as a security guard in a local apartment block.

When Debra was six months old, her family noticed she was not developing like the other children and, before long, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Life was not easy.

The family were shocked and upset at Debra’s condition, and did not know what to do next. Their neighbours and community were supportive and tried to give them advice, but they did not know how to get her treated.

Charles was desperate to make sure Debra could grow up like every other child, so he took her to many different hospitals looking for help. Soon, medical fees were building up and the family was plunging further and further into debt.

When Debra started school, getting her to and from her classroom became a real challenge. Charles often had to find someone else to take her so he could work, and this ended up costing the family even more money.

But everything changed when Charles met Motivation.

He learnt more about Debra’s condition, as well as the best ways to find treatment for her and care for her at home. He was also advised to join a savings and loans group that would teach him how to look after the family’s money.

"When you can't pay rent or you need school fees, you can go to the savings group and ask for money to help you," he explained. "Then, you pay it back! The idea to join the savings group came from Motivation."

Charles learnt all about how to save for the future. He now puts half of his salary in savings and spends the other half on food, rent, clothes and small household items. He is also able to ensure Debra can get to and from school.

I use my money well now. I feel better. Learning how to budget has given me confidence, and is helping my daughter’s future.

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The help Debra’s family received from Motivation made an immediate impact. Charles was able to learn more about his daughter’s condition, ensuring he can care for her in the best possible way. But he has also learnt more about budgeting, which has a positive effect on the entire family, making sure they do not sink further into poverty.

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Photo © Matt Grayson
*Debra's name has been changed to protect her privacy.