"We love our boy so much. We just want him to be happy and socialise with other kids every day." 

Two-year-old Deo lives with his parents and siblings in a small, hilly region of Tanzania. When he was just six months old, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy – a condition his parents didn’t know or understand.

As a baby, Deo was unable to sit up on his own. His parents had to constantly carry him or prop him up in a corner to keep him upright. Where the family live, disability and stigma remain rife; they were reluctant to take him out of the house in case he was taunted by the neighbours.

 In our community, if people see you having a child with disability they can call you different names.

After his diagnosis, Deo's parents quickly began to feel isolated and alone. As time went on, they got increasingly worried about money too - their modest income was quickly absorbed by medical and transport costs for Deo's treatment. Without support, they were concerned about how they would cope.

But last year, they attended a course for parents and carers of children with cerebral palsy, and their lives changed forever.

The Motivation training course provided them with information about how best to care for Deo and stand up for his rights. It gave them the opportunity to meet other parents and carers in similar situations, and helped them feel less alone.

With their new-found confidence, they no longer hide him away; Deo goes to the shop with his mother and the whole family attend church together each Sunday.

The training opened our minds – we feel good about our son!

Since the training, Deo and his family have gone from strength to strength. Deo has been fitted with a Motivation Moti Start supportive seat, designed to help him sit upright so he can eat, breathe and communicate more easily. For his parents, the highlight has been seeing their son play with toys and interact with his siblings - things he couldn't do before. Now, the family is looking forward to him starting school so he can meet other children.

"We love our boy so much," his father told us. "We just want him to be happy and to socialise with other kids every day."

Heads held high

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For children like Deo, sitting upright is a crucial part of healthy development. Our Moti Start supportive seat has been designed with this is mind, providing bespoke postural support that gives children the best start in life. They cost just £70 each.

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*Deo's name has been changed to protect his privacy.