With disabled people at the very heart of our work, we use feedback from the people who use our wheelchairs to inform our future projects.

Our design team constantly strives to advance our models, ensuring our products continue to change – and save – lives all over the globe. With disabled people at the very heart of our work, we gather invaluable feedback from people who use our wheelchairs on a daily basis and use it to inform future projects.

It is with the help of this feedback that we are proud to unveil our latest wheelchair model.

This new concept is based on feedback from wheelchair users themselves, project staff and partner organisations who suggested that folding wheelchairs bring additional benefits and independence to users. Not only are they easier to take on public transport, but they are also better for storing where there is limited space.

We know that our iconic Rough Terrain wheelchair has been a crucial part of independence for many disabled people living in developing countries. Its unique three-wheel design enables the user to propel over uneven ground with ease.

So, we have taken the best components of our Rough Terrain wheelchair and, with the feedback in mind, created a new version that folds. This new wheelchair model will mean greater independence for those who want to travel long distances. It will navigate broken pavements, bumpy roads and grassy verges – before folding up neatly on buses and trams!

Trialling our latest model

This new product was made possible by funding from the Conran Foundation and is being trialled in Colombia, thanks to our partner – the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). 

As well as road-testing the wheelchair in a challenging environment, we will also test for comfort, fit and function. We will work with 20 disabled people with a variety of conditions, some of whom will be existing users of Motivation three wheeler products and some who will be first time users of a wheelchair. By testing on a range of people we aim to develop an understanding of different user needs and feedback as well as gain a clear evaluation of how the new folding wheelchair compares to the standard Rough Terrain.

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