"After getting the wheelchair support from Motivation, my life has changed. Customers are now able to see a person – not a disability."

Diana was 22 years old when she lost her left leg to a landmine.

She was given a wheelchair that was too big for her and unsuitable for the terrain around her home. She often felt unsafe and feared falling out when she was travelling. She was also given an artificial leg which should have made it easier for her to move around. But before long, it cracked and became so painful to walk on that she stopped using it altogether.

Determined to be independent, she searched for a job everywhere she could but eventually gave up because of the challenges she faced. She told us companies had negative attitudes towards her for being disabled, which made her feel hopeless.

But when she met Motivation and received a Motivation wheelchair, her life changed.

“I have had this wheelchair since 2011,” Diana explained. “It is good and strong hence I feel good and happy; I feel very comfortable as long as I am in it. Wheeling myself is much easier – I have confidence since it fits me well.”

Today, Diana lives with her grandchildren who she cares for alone. She sells fruit and vegetables on the pavement in her nearest town to earn a living for them all.

“After getting the wheelchair support from Motivation, my life has changed,” she continued. “I am able to go to the market daily without an assistant. Customers are now able to buy fruit and vegetables as they see a person – not a disability. All my stock is sold out every day.”

Since working with Motivation, Diana feels completely different about herself and her future.

“My hopes and dreams are to have access to finance so I can boost stock and have new products,” she told us. “I would like to thank Motivation – without Motivation, I could not have been such an independent business woman.”

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