As Motivation focuses on ensuring that our wheelchair services and training are accessible for disabled women and girls, we also champion women working in wheelchair provision.

Dolma lives with her parents in Leh, India. She has worked for Motivation’s partner People’s Action Group for Inclusion and Rights (PAGIR) for the past four years. She explains, “It is very important that a wheelchair is well fitted for a wheelchair user as it provides good and proper support. User can sit properly for long time. Mobility skills are important because it helps them to propel wheelchair easily.”

Dolma enjoys speaking with new wheelchair users about “the importance of a customised wheelchair and how a well fitted wheelchair can help the user in terms of support and mobility. I also talk about the mobility skills.”

Motivation joined the PAGIR team, high in the Himalayas, to conduct refresher training when COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in Summer 2021.

Dolma tells us, “After training I am more confident in wheelchair assembly and assessment. After getting orientation and seeing wheelchair fitting as per user’s body measurement, I realise how important is customised wheelchair.”

With a well fitted wheelchair the user can achieve their goals like education and livelihood.

Please donate today and support more women like Dolma in becoming skilled and employed in wheelchair provision.