Kick start your fundraising with our resources for students and teachers!

Fundraising teaches team-working, creativity and leadership skills. Through charity fundraising, students can also learn about global citizenship and the world around them.

With our fundraising resources you can find loads of ideas to start fundraising straight away - whether you're in school or university.

Your fundraising can change lives

Without a wheelchair, Jereld was unable to sit up alone or feed himself. He was unable to get an education, make friends with other children or join in family activities. His mother had little hope for his future.

But when Jereld received a Motivation wheelchair and some skills training, his life was changed. He could get out of the house, join school and start learning with other children.

Did you know that 90% of disabled children in developing countries don't go to school?

Without an education or training disabled people are denied equal opportunities to live independent lives.

You can support disabled children and adults to gain knowledge and skills through fundraising.

Start fundraising today

Our Little Book of Big Ideas is filled with fundraising ideas and tips for everyone. From smoothie mornings to talent shows, there is an activity for every ability and budget. You'll even find a cupcake recipe to help you to get started on a bake sale fundraiser!

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If you're taking on a sponsored event, make sure you have a great Sponsorship Form that makes it easy for you to keep track of donations and Gift Aid information!

Remember to promote your fundraising! Add it to your social media, tell your friends and family - you can even write to your local radio station or newspaper to spread the word further.

Fundraising resources for schools

    An Assembly Information Sheet makes it easy for you share the story of your school's fundraiser and get all your students excited to take part. Our Sample Assembly Information Sheet offers an example of how a one page outline will bring the impact of your fundraising to life. 

    Make sure you create a fundraising target and share it with all the students and families taking part! With everybody aiming for the same goal, you'll create a great team atmosphere.

    To ensure your fundraising is safe and legal, make sure you check out the tips in our Little Book of Big Ideas

    If you'd like more advice or ideas for your fundraising, we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with our fundraising team today! Call us on 0117 9660 398 or email [email protected].

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