“I am happy that my child is becoming independent and will one day be self-reliant." 

Gift lives with his family in central Malawi. He’s seven years old and loves joining his classmates at school.

Gift was born with cerebral palsy. With weak hip and knee joints, he couldn’t sit up properly or stand. He couldn’t feed himself or play independently. His family didn’t understand the cause of his disability – and neither did their community.

Tamanda, Gift’s mother, went around the village consulting community leaders on how to help her son but they couldn’t give her any answers and the family were often ostracised: “We were insulted by our neighbours about the disability of our son”, she told us.

Tamanda’s parents suggested taking Gift to hospital where the healthcare staff told her about Motivation’s parent support groups. She and Gift joined up as soon as they could.

As part of the group, Gift and Tamanda discovered our parent carer training course. They attended together and learnt new skills and knowledge on health, mobility, nutrition and rights. Tamanda learnt how to support and care for Gift, and she saw other children just like him who were going to school and gaining independence.

Gift can now stand on his own and is able to walk a few steps with a frame. He’s able to feed himself and enjoy time with his family. Gift is going from strength to strength in the training and gaining more and more confidence. Tamanda didn’t ever think he’d be able to go to school, but he’s now enrolled in his first year.

 “I am happy that my child is becoming independent and will one day be self-reliant. Gift is in school and before the training I never thought my son would ever attend school.”

This new found mobility – and the opportunities that come with it – have had the added bonus of giving Tamanda her own independence, too. She has the chance to contribute to the family business and to get on with chores at home. 

"I thank our trainers for encouraging me to continue supporting Gift.”

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