Leaving a gift to Motivation will change the lives of disabled people all over the world and write you into our history.

Building futures with Motivation

Writing a Will is something very personal. It is an important way to make sure your loved ones are looked after when you are gone. But it also presents a wonderful opportunity to leave your mark on the world – to celebrate something you feel passionate about.

A gift in your Will is very special, no matter how large or small. It may cover the nuts and bolts needed to build a wheelchair, pay for an essential wheelchair training session or fund our design team while they explore new possibilities. You can be certain that it will offer disabled people in the developing world the chance to be independent, to be included in society, to build better futures for themselves and for their families. 

Be part of the next chapter

Thank you for considering leaving us a gift. If you do decide to remember us, rest assured your donation will be treated with great care and have a truly incredible impact. It will mean a great deal to us – and those we support in Africa and Asia.

You can download our Gifts in Wills booklet to learn more about who your gift will support and how to proceed if you would like to. If you'd rather receive this booklet in the post, please let us know by emailing [email protected]

If you have any questions or would like to talk to someone in person, please don't hesitate to contact us. We can discuss your plans with you in confidence on 0117 966 0398 or at [email protected].

If you have already left a gift in your Will, please let us know by completing this form.

Of course, your pledge will be kept confidential and is not legally binding, but it is useful for us to have some idea of the gifts we will receive. Knowing about your pledge will help us to plan ahead effectively and more importantly, it means we can thank you for your generosity.