"Our work gives me a lot of satisfaction. I see the transformed lives."

With one regional office in India and one in Kenya, our global teams play a vital role in our work. They deliver our projects on the ground and have day-to-day contact with our partners and beneficiaries. 

In Asia

Biju Matthew is our Asia regional manager, focussing on work in Sri Lanka and India. Find out more about our projects in India and Sri Lanka.

In Africa

Our Africa regional manager is Peter Mbuguah. He oversees our work in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

Meet Peter

A year ago, Peter worked with a disabled woman who was close to ending her life. She had given up any hope of things improving. But when she was able to get a wheelchair from Motivation and training on how to use it, everything changed. She had the mobility, freedom and confidence to start a small business. Today she is independent, and is able to feed her children and keep them in school.

"Our work gives me a lot of satisfaction," Peter says. "I see the transformed lives. I want to get the best for Africa, and I want to see disabled people enjoy a good quality of life. To everyone who supports us in the UK, it is a big, big thank you. Our impact is immeasurable. The transformation of lives is amazing."

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 Photo © Matt Grayson