Delivering our projects on the ground, with the most direct contact with our partners and beneficiaries on a day to day basis, are our global teams. With two regional offices based in Kenya and India, with responsibility for Africa and South Asia respectively, these teams are driving forward the practical implementation of Motivation’s work.

Our Africa Regional Manager is Peter Mbuguah and he is currently overseeing our work in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

In Asia, Biju Matthew heads up the team who are currently focused on work in Sri Lanka and India. More information about our projects can be found in Our Work.

Meet Fred in Uganda

Fred Semakula manages Motivation’s projects in Uganda. He is passionate about the work we do and in particular the role we are playing in making education inclusive for disabled children:

If a child is educated you increase their opportunities for employment and they learn life skills that make it easier for them to cope with challenges they may face in the community. I’m proud that we are trying to meet these challenges, many of which I faced myself as a young boy

Fred and his team have made huge strides in improving the quality of life and opportunities for children and their families in Uganda, and this is echoed throughout the countries we operate in, where our teams are dedicated to making a difference within the communities they live and work.

If you would like to learn more about our work globally you can contact us here.