Meet Motivation's global management team

Our teams are based across Africa, India and the UK, with regional offices in Nairobi, Bangalore and Bristol.

The expertise, experience and passion of our teams ensure that Motivation continues to move ever closer to our vision: a world in which disabled people are fully included in all aspects of everyday life.

Our staff combine clinical, technical and programme design skills, as well as fundraising, logistics and financial know-how. They ensure that Motivation is agile and relevant so we can evolve to always deliver positive change.

Motivation’s management team support our Chief Executive, Founder Director and the Board of Trustees across four key areas: Programmes, Finance, Fundraising and Communications, and Social Enterprise. Together they are guiding Motivation into the next phase of its exciting journey.  

Talk to us

Amanda Wilkinson, CEO 

Contact Amanda to understand our vision for the future and the role that innovation must continue to play in ensuring that Motivation remains a robust, relevant and financially stable organisation

Biju Mathew, Asia Regional Manager

Contact Biju to discuss our projects in India and the work we’re doing to increase and improve access to assistive technology across India. He can also advise on ways to support our work through corporate partnerships

Peter Mbuguah, Africa Regional Manager

Contact Peter to hear about our work in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi, as well as our vision for enabling greater independence and opportunity for disabled people across Africa

Giles Totterdell, Finance & Compliance Manager

Contact Giles to understand Motivation’s financial and legal position, underpinning who we are and what we can achieve as an ambitious organisation

Sara Gwynn, Head of Policy and Advocacy

Contact Sara to learn about where we work and who we work with, and to understand the impact Motivation's projects are having on people around the world

Tony Rush, Business Development Director

Get in touch with Tony to talk about our social enterprise, Motivation Direct Limited, our latest products and mobility solutions as well as our design innovation work

For general enquiries, contact Motivation’s UK office on +44 (0)117 966 0398 or at [email protected].

For press and media enquiries, please contact [email protected].