When Grayson damaged his spinal cord in an accident, he could no longer work as a driver. Here's how we helped him find a new source of income so he can support his family.

“I was working as a driver. One day I got in a very bad accident. I was taken to a local hospital, then later transferred to a bigger one in Kilimanjaro. I stayed there for one year and half.

“I was told that my spinal cord cannot be treated and I was supposed to use a wheelchair”

This is a life-changing injury for anybody, and for Grayson it meant that he could no longer drive his taxi. He lost the main source of income for his family.

“After leaving the hospital, I went back home and started a new life. I had family and children to take care of, but I depended much on contributions from well-wishers to cover daily expenses. I remember one time I could not pay for my children’s school fees and relatives had to help.”

As well as facing these economic difficulties, Grayson was struggling to even get around in the wheelchair issued by the hospital.

Because of the bad roads the wheelchair I had could not last long and it needed frequent repairs.

Grayson discovered that he could access some support from Motivation when he was invited to a seminar. After that, he was given a new wheelchair and some user training from other wheelchair users.

“From that moment, opportunities came on my way. I was encouraged [by] seeing other wheelchair users and from there I started attending several workshops which were offered by Motivation.”

In 2019, our Tanzania team began offering entrepreneurship training to disabled people – and Grayson joined in. Participants were able to request materials to help them set up a business. Grayson requested items for starting a shop.

“Immediately I went and opened a small kiosk – it was fast because I had prepared for that already. As soon as I opened the shop for the first few weeks my sales could go up every day. At first the profit was very small, but as time goes and sales have risen the profit could increase too.”

Three months after Grayson opened his shop, he’s been able to afford a few things that make his life more comfortable at home.

“I have been able to expand the business. And I purchased a new bed, a TV and a cupboard for my home.”

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