“Every morning when I wake up, the only thing I think about is going to school to meet my friends.”

Halima is fourteen years old, and lives with her parents and four siblings. Her family runs a small village shop where they sell household items to the local community. They also farm coffee, beans, maize and bananas that they sell to earn extra income.

Halima was just a toddler when she contracted cerebral malaria. When her fever subsided, she was left with cerebral palsy. Her parents were nothing but supportive of her, desperate to find treatment. But Halima was unable to move around and communicate, and without a wheelchair, life was difficult for the entire family.

Halima was given a wheelchair to help her get around her community but it was unsuitable for her complex needs so she couldn’t use it. When she became too heavy to carry, she had no choice but to stay indoors and watch television. She longed to go to school, make friends, and learn but without mobility, it was simply not possible. She felt isolated and cut off from the world around her.

But when the family met Motivation, life changed not only for Halima but for all of them.

I am happy with my wheelchair as I now have the opportunity to go school and play with friends.

Her new Motivation wheelchair was specially designed for children with complex needs like her, and it was prescribed and fitted especially for her following an assessment. It has given her independence to move around more freely, and opened up new opportunities to socialise and build confidence.

Since Motivation worked with Halima and her family, Halima has started to sit up without support and attend school every day. Her communication has also improved; she is able to pronounce words and can now call for help if she needs it.

For her parents, Halima’s new-found independence means they have more free time to spend with her brothers and sisters. They are also able to invest more time in the family businesses, meaning they have a more stable family income.

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