Halima has cerebral palsy, and needs extra postural support to ensure she remains in good health as she grows up.

Tanzania is home to one of our most experienced wheelchair services, with expertise in Spinal Cord Injury and fitting wheelchairs for people with particularly complex needs, such as children like Halima.

Halima is 14 years old and has cerebral palsy - a condition affecting muscle control and movement. Halima lives with her parents and four siblings in the Kilimanjaro district of Tanzania. Her family have a farm where they grow coffee beans, maize and bananas; they also run a small shop in their village selling various goods to the local community.

Before receiving her Motivation wheelchair, life was difficult for Halima and her family. Having to make do with a wheelchair that was entirely unsuitable for her complex needs, Halima had no choice but to spend her time stuck inside her home. She was unable to attend school, and couldn’t spend time with her friends and siblings, leaving her isolated and shut out from the world around her. 

Now though, thanks to her Motivation wheelchair, Halima has a newly found independence and lease of life. Not only can she socialise with her friends, Halima can now access an education and new opportunities.

‘Every morning when I wake up the only thing I think about is going to meet my friends and playing with them!’

Not only has Halima’s new wheelchair had a huge impact on her life, it has also helped her family to have a greater awareness and understanding of her disability and how best to support and communicate effectively with her.

Halima’s father in particular feels far more confident leaving his daughter at home alone now, as her new wheelchair was specially fitted to allow Halima to push herself around, meaning she can move from room to room whenever she likes without relying upon the assistance of others.

A new wheelchair can cost as little as £140, and can be a lifeline for people like Halima; support us to get more wheelchairs to people who need them.