"Without this wheelchair, I would not have survived." 

During the ten-year conflict in Nepal, a lot of charity and rural development work was disrupted, leaving communities to plunge further into poverty. Over 12,000 lives were lost and 100,000 people were rendered homeless. Now, the country that Hari and his family call home is one of the poorest in the world.

Hari's story

Hari is the father of the largest family in his village and a pillar of the community. He has always taken great care in farming to provide for the 32 people who share his home. Although life was challenging, Hari was proud, worked hard and felt valued.

But five years ago, his life changed forever.

Hari began to feel a tingling in his limbs before losing movement in his legs. Within two years, he was unable to walk and had no choice but to spend his days in bed, relying on his family for everything.

He felt isolated, invisible and depressed; he missed his friends and community greatly. What pained him the most, he told us, was that every time he heard a funeral procession he knew he was unable to go and pay his last respects.

Hari's Motivation wheelchair

But before long, Hari got a brand new Motivation wheelchair. Designed specially for the uneven ground in his village and expertly fitted, his Rough Terrain wheelchair had an immediate impact on his life.

He regained his confidence and independence, and was able to look after himself again. For the first time in two years, he was able to move around his home alone, visit his friends in the village and play an active part in family life.

Now, I can pick up my grandchildren when they fall down. 

Since he received his new wheelchair, Hari's proudest moment was going to vote in the election with his family. The whole village celebrated his return, welcoming him back into the community.

"Mine is the house with the biggest number of voters in our village," he told us. "We can make a difference to the future of our country."

Having a wheelchair means I can cast my vote for a better future.

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