At nineteen, Harrison was like any other young man – he lived with his wife, had a new baby boy and was studying catering in college. But his independence was stripped from him when he was left paralysed after a car accident.

Six months after his accident, Harrison was sent home from hospital with a wheelchair that was poorly fitted. He was only able to use it for an hour before it became painful, and it was not suitable for the uneven ground in his house or community. Unable to move around on his own, he was isolated from his friends and relied entirely on his wife to look after him. Before long, Harrison became depressed.

I was in darkness. I was living in denial.

“It was hard,” he told us. “I was staying in bed the whole day. I did not want to see my friends and they did not want to socialise with me. My mother became depressed because she did not know how to help. There were times I thought of ending my life because I was so alone.”

But his life changed forever when he met Nancy from Motivation.

He was given a Motivation Rough Terrain wheelchair and attended a training course that taught him how to use it effectively. He said that his life changed after the first day, and by the end of the course he was moving around on his own and using public transport.

My family couldn’t understand how my life changed so much in five days. My mother is so happy.

With his mobility, confidence and independence restored, he is now concentrating on the future and his dreams of supporting other wheelchair users.

“Before I went to training I thought I was alone. But after, I realised that people are living with disabilities and having good lives.

Now, I am independent and I have the skills to look after myself. I would like to go to villages and give disabled people the support that Motivation has given to me so they too can have a better life.

And I want to show my child that he can get the best education even with a parent in a wheelchair.

I would like to say that I am very thankful to Motivation and the people who support them; they changed my life. I feel proud to use this wheelchair.”

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Over the last year, Motivation has touched the lives of 16,000 disabled people and their families.

For people like Harrison, it was a Rough Terrain wheelchair and the training to go with it that made all the difference.

This July, Motivation is attending the first ever Global Disability Summit, co-hosted by the UK Government. With a focus on assistive technology and inclusive education, we are perfectly placed to influence and advise other organisations, ensuring disabled people can be included in society and live independent lives.

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