"I’ve learnt that children with disabilities can grow. Give them lots of love – they need even more care."

Hope was a toddler when her father John noticed she was not developing like other children. She had problems using her arm and, although she could understand what other people were saying, she was unable to speak. When she started experiencing seizures, he rushed her to a doctor who gave her medication for epilepsy.

Where they live in Uganda, John feared that people would hurt Hope because of her disability so he decided not to send her to school. With little knowledge of her condition, he was worried about her future.

But before long, John joined a Motivation parent support group who meet every week. As well as sharing stories and experiences, the parents receive training on how to care for their disabled children. After getting advice from the rest of the group, John had the confidence to enrol Hope in school.

The group has taught me how to care for Hope, how to achieve with her, how to treat her if she feels sick. Being disabled doesn’t mean the end of the world.

Today, Hope is seven years old and has not had a seizure for a year. She enjoys school and socialising, and is planning to visit a doctor who can help her with her speech. What’s more, John learnt how to breed chickens from other members of the group – and Hope loves feeding them! They are saving the extra income for Hope’s future.

 I’ve learnt that children with disabilities can grow. Give them lots of love – they need even more care.

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