Meet Motivation's team in the UK

For nearly thirty years, Motivation's co-founder David Constantine MBE has been the driving force behind our work. Today he works closely alongside CEO Amanda Wilkinson. Together, their experience and passion ensure that Motivation continues to move ever closer to our vision: a world in which disabled people are fully included in all aspects of everyday life.

David and Amanda are surrounded by staff with a range of expertise: from clinical, product and programme design skills, to fundraising, logistics and financial know-how. Our staff ensure that Motivation is agile and relevant so it is able to deliver positive change.

Our senior management team support David and Amanda in key areas: Programmes, Finance, Fundraising and Communications and  Social Enterprise. Together they are guiding Motivation into the next phase of its exciting journey.  

Talk to us

Amanda Wilkinson

Contact Amanda to understand our vision for the future and the role that innovation must continue to play in ensuring that Motivation remains a robust, relevant and financially stable organisation.

David Constantine MBE
Founder Director

Contact David to discuss the philosophy behind Motivation’s approach - where we have come from and where we are going - and the role that you can play in helping to build networks and global partnerships.

Carolyn Moore
Head of Finance

Contact Cally to understand Motivation’s financial and legal position, underpinning who we are and what we can achieve as an ambitious organisation.

Martin Long
Interim Head of Programmes

Contact Martin to learn where we work and who we work with, and to understand the impact Motivation is having on people around the world.

Jane Parker
Head of Social Enterprise

Contact Jane to discuss how and why Motivation Direct Ltd. works for us, what our latest products and mobility solutions are, and why they will help transform the lives of more disabled people.

Joanna Hall
Head of Fundraising & Communications

Contact Jo to learn how you can help Motivation continue what it's doing and achieve more. Whether you'd like to make a personal contribution, recommend a new fundraising campaign or help us spread the word, please do get in touch.

For general enquiries, contact Motivation on 0117 966 0398 or at [email protected].