Wheelchairs are often procured on a cost-per-unit basis. The lowest initial cost, however, is not always the best value.

The cheapest, or donated, wheelchairs may be inappropriate - less useable, more likely to cause secondary injuries or disabilities, and rapidly be abandoned.

Appropriate wheelchairs meet the user's needs, have a longer life and provide better value.

Our wheelchairs

At Motivation we design, develop and provide appropriate wheelchairs; train clinicians to fit them to each individual; provide user-training; and support services to ensure each wheelchair has a long and useful life.

The infographic below illustrates why we advocate for investment in appropriate wheelchairs, by comparing the cost of an inappropriate wheelchair against the value of a Motivation appropriate wheelchair.

The image was developed in partnership with Global Disability Innovation Hub for the launch of the first Global Report on Assistive Technology in May 2022.