Join us in creating the future of wheelchair design.

Let’s make ‘IF’ happen

What if the most vulnerable can receive a wheelchair that adapts to their environment and needs? What if a mother in a rural African community truly can understand her child’s disability? What if there was a global standard for all wheelchair provision?

Our refusal to accept the status quo and to continue challenging and asking “What IF?” has brought us a long way. Now we face a new set of questions.

How will we continue to ensure more and more people get the right chair in the right way? How can we help scale up wheelchair provision? How can wheelchairs adapt with populations as they age, and how can we face the challenges and complexities brought by conflict and political change? Is it possible to create tailored mobility solutions for all disabled people?

IF you want to help answer these questions, invest in our Innovation Fund

With an uncompromising focus on wheelchair users, the Innovation Fund will capitalise on advancements made in materials, technologies and manufacturing techniques to explore new ways to provide the right wheelchair in the right way.  

Our goal is ambitious, but necessary – we want to raise £1 million within three years. With funding of this scale we can invest in our design team, and train up the next generation of innovators and technicians who will develop new products and mobility solutions. We can also invest in R&D, explore 3D printing techniques and bring to market new wheelchairs that will transform more lives.

This is an investment in the future; a unique opportunity for you to be a stakeholder in change, helping Motivation to take wheelchair provision to the next level.

As an Innovation Funder there are three suggested levels of engagement each offering accompanying benefits:

  • Initiator £5,000 – helping us to kick start new thinking around how to do things better
  • Implementer £25,000 – helping us to put our new ideas and concepts into practice
  • Influencer £100,000 – helping us become the catalyst of change

IF you want to be part of developing a new generation of wheelchairs, Innovation Fund it.

Call 0117 944 9864 or email Vickie Wood to learn how you can get involved. Or download our Investor Pack for further information.