When Izack was involved in a car accident his life changed forever. Then he met Motivation and things started looking up...

Izack lives in the Moshi District of Tanzania with his wife, child and grandchildren. He was working as an assistant driver and conductor, and then one day his life changed forever.

 Izack was involved in a car accident and sustained a spinal cord injury. Suddenly he could no longer work, and his neighbours stopped inviting him to community events. He felt useless, and became isolated.

Then Izack met staff from Motivation, and things started turn around.

 The Peer Trainer was also so helpful – they have raised my self-esteem and confidence.

Izack’s old wheelchair was badly fitted, and not well-suited to outdoor terrain. He was provided with a new Rough Terrain wheelchair, fitted to his postural support needs.  And, our Peer Trainers helped him to improve his transfer skills and manage his bladder. As a result, his confidence has improved, and he has become more independent, even installing mud and wooden ramps and pathways around his home.

Now, Izack has hopes for the future. With help from our Entrepreneurial Skills Training he is working to make his income sustainable by expanding his poultry keeping business. He hopes to invest in health insurance and farm assistants, and has more awareness of his rights as a disabled person.

  Having a disability is not an obstacle because you can still work.

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