"I totally depend on my parents who are peasant farmers. They struggle to make a living. I was a student at one of the most prestigious universities in the country before I became disabled. Only two semesters remained before I was due to graduate but due to my disability I deferred. I couldn't cope with the challenges I was going through.

"When I became disabled it was very difficult for me to relate to people. There were rumours from my community that I was bewitched and the tumour was placed on my spine as a result. This made me hate people and myself because I could not understand why someone could hate me to the extent of bewitching me and destroying my life.

"When I became disabled my boyfriend left me and our child. He told me that his mother advised him to cut ties from me and my child because I was bewitched and it would not be good to be with such a woman. He listened to his mother and get married to another woman. 

"Even my close relatives also have a mentality that I will never up add up to anything. A cousin of mine started a family WhatsApp group and refused to add me in the group, when asked she said 'I don’t think Jackie will add any value to this group'.

"My wheelchair is also another challenge I cannot go far because it big and it is difficult to travel rough areas. Even in our compound I need to be assisted.

"Managing my bladder and bowels is a very big issue for me. It makes me not to interact with other people or leave home. I deferred from university because it was too much for me to cope with the situation and the studies at the same time. I was struggling to get pampers or catheters. My family weren't able to afford them, so we agreed I stay home. At home I sit on my wheelchair which has a commode and when I leak the urine drops into the commode. It’s so uncomfortable but is better than soiling my clothes and making the house smell. I used to have pressure sores but now they are healed.

"The other challenge is moving around with my current wheelchair. It's an orthopaedic wheelchair and it is in very bad condition, it has no brakes, no cushion and the castor wheels are worn out. I have fallen out of my wheelchair several times.

"My hope is to complete my university education and get a good job to support my family and be self-reliant. 

"I have a friend who has attended Motivation training and his life has really changed. I would appreciate being given the opportunity to attend Motivation training so that I can be empowered to propel myself independently. And the opportunity to interact with people from different places who have spinal cord injuries and have been able to overcome the challenges, I also want to learn how to be independent and see life in a better way."

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