"I am now going to places I never thought I would go and I am attending family meetings.”

James lives in Muranga County with his family, including his grown-up daughters and grandchildren. One day he was returning home from work using public transport, when he got into an accident, and his life changed forever.

After the injury I was admitted at Muranga level five hospital. At first I did not understand my condition and it took quite a long time for me to know what happened and that I would be unable to use my feet. This was quite traumatising.

Before his accident, James was a mason, but afterwards he had to stop working. Life became very difficult - he felt hopeless, and a burden on his family.

 My family used to struggle a lot to take care of me. My wife and my daughters had to carry me to move from one point to another. As an African man it is quite embarrassing when you are carried around by your wife and daughters. You feel like you are their baby and not a man.

 James lost touch with his friends and became isolated. He would only go out for medical appointments, and it was always a challenge.

Then, he met Motivation, and things started turning around. He received a properly-fitted wheelchair, and training so that he could manoeuvre himself and transfer between his wheelchair and other objects. His whole outlook improved, and once again he was able to see life in a positive light.

I am able to think positively and participate in the decision making of my family. My life has greatly improved. My wife and daughters are now relieved and they are able to attend to other activities. When going for medical check-ups I use my wheelchair and it is a great joy to me to be pushed around and not carried like a baby. I am not only mobile but my self-esteem has greatly improved. I am now going to places I never thought I would go and I am attending family meetings.

James has now started a small business keeping cows and goats, and has high hopes for the future to expand his business and live happily with his family.

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