Jane is a single mother to 10-year-old Ibrah, who has a learning disability. He was at a school for children with special needs until they were closed for 80 weeks during the pandemic. He has been attending the Motivation All Stars Project games since 2021.

I decided to bring my son because it helps him to play with other children, to socialize, and to also know there are other children with his condition.” 

Jane has got involved in the games alongside Ibrah, supporting him where he wanted. She plans to send him to a more inclusive school so that he can spend more time around children without disabilities. She hopes this will help him with his speech, teach him to write, and add strength to his hands, so that in the future he can get skilled work like tailoring, welding, selling shoes etc. 

I believe as parents, the more care, love and support we show our children, the more their outlook to life is improved. The more hopeful they become.” 

There are many challenges that we as parents of children with disabilities face, many financial challenges, and our children aren’t treated as equal in the community. But when Motivation came to support, we were happy to have some help, because there are still parents who just lock their children in the houses because they cannot afford to move with them anywhere as it is expensive to move a child who has a disability – whether they have a mobility aid device or not. It could look like those parents lost hope or gave up on their children, but there is just too much strain on the available resources. A lot of help is needed.” 

Motivation has taught us about our children’s rights; that they have a right to study, play, and get inclusive services. It is for this reason I am fighting a lot to make sure Ibrah gets access to an education so he can have a future of his own, even when I am not around to support him anymore.” 

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