“My life has changed with this tricycle – so many things have come with this tricycle!”

Sisters Jashmine and Farhanaj were born with under-developed legs and hands and, without appropriate wheelchairs, they have always been entirely dependent on their parents for everything.

When they were young children, their parents used to carry them to school on their backs or push them on bicycles. It was a long journey on rough roads which was exhausting and, more worryingly, it took the girls' parents away from earning money at the family hand-looming business. Although both of the girls are bright and creative, their parents started to give up on their education; it was just too difficult to get them to school every day.

It was a difficult time for the whole family. The girls were worried about their futures, but there just didn't seem to be a solution. But their headteacher, Sister Cecelia, was determined to keep them in school.

“I have known the family for many years,” she told us. “When we first offered the girls to join our school, her parents were not very willing because they’d have to carry her. We gave them support with their school costs, and were contacted by Motivation about wheelchairs for students like them.”

The girls received Motivation trikes that changed their lives forever. Their father told us they became confident and started going out without hesitation. Both girls were happy to travel to school on their own, became more independent, and can even help with the business by going to market to pick up stock.

“I am very happy to see Jashmine coming to school by herself,” Cecelia explained. “She is enthusiastic, confident and ambitious. She joins in with music and dance, is a very good artist and speaks in English! She says she wants to be a doctor or a teacher when she grows up.”

She went on to tell us that Farhanaj has progressed to another school where she is a talented artist and enters her drawings in competitions. She is keen to develop her maths, as she would like to become a bank manager when she is older.

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