"Being in a wheelchair will expose him to new experiences. Now he can get out and see the sun."

Jereld was born in a small village in Uganda where his mother had no access to antenatal care. At just three months old, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Jereld lives with his mother and five siblings. After his diagnosis, his father moved out of the family home, leaving them all behind. Worse still, Jereld’s mother fell ill and was no longer able to work or support her family. Her friend helped her care for her children and, together, they managed to send just one of Jereld’s siblings to school.

As Jereld grew older, life was tough for him and his family. He could not sit up unsupported or feed himself. He rarely left the house and could not make friends with other children. It was difficult for the family to lift him and carry him, and they often had to save up for transport to get him to and from hospital when he was unwell.

Although caring for Jereld was challenging, his relatives never gave up on him. So when Motivation offered to help Jereld, life changed for the entire family.

Jereld was assessed, measured and fitted for a Motivation Moti Go by physiotherapist, Herbert. With postural support seating, this specially designed wheelchair is perfect for Jereld’s complex needs. As well as ensuring Jereld is comfortable and correctly seated, it features a detachable tray that helps him during meal times and play activities.

Jereld’s mother told us that he is now able to move around in his wheelchair. He can get outside, see the sun and make friends. He can see the nature around him. She said it is better for the family too, as they are not spending money on transport.

Being in a wheelchair will expose him to new experiences. He will learn more about his surroundings… He is able to sit up – with training, he will be able to feed himself in the future.

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