"Being in a wheelchair will expose Jereld to new experiences. And with training, he will be able to feed himself."

Jereld has cerebral palsy, and life has not been easy for him and his family. Where he lives in Uganda, stigma towards disabled people is widespread and access to healthcare is scarce.

Jereld's father could not accept his disability and left home when Jereld was still a baby. Shortly afterwards, his mother fell ill and was no longer able to support her family. Her friend helped her to care for her six children and, together, they made enough money to send just one child to school.

Life was tough for all of them and as Jereld grew older, caring for him became more challenging. He could not sit up unsupported or feed himself at meal times. He was too heavy to lift and carry, so he rarely left the house or made friends with other children. When he needed to visit the hospital, the whole family had to save up for private transport to get him there.

So when Motivation offered to help Jereld, life changed for the entire family.

Jereld was assessed and fitted by Herbert for a brand new Moti Go wheelchair. With extra postural support, it is perfect for his complex needs and ensures he is comfortable and correctly seated. What's more, it features a detachable tray that helps him during meal times and play.

Jereld's mother told us that the wheelchair has made life better for the whole family, and frees up the money that they used to spend on transport.  More importantly, she told us Jereld can get outside and see nature around him. For Jereld and his family, the future is looking bright.

 Now he can get out and see the sun.

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This will enable them to be a part of their communities, go to school or find employment. It will help them to build their confidence, socialise and stay mobile, active and healthy. It will give them the freedom to live the lives they choose. Donate now.