“Positivity in the mind makes everything possible” Kamal, India

Polio is a disease that can have devastating consequences. However, this hasn't stopped Kamal from living life to the full. His story is one of true innovation and determination...

Kamal, 48, has post-polio residual paralysis. He lives in the village of Dandaypur in north-eastern India. To support himself and his wife, Kamal makes bamboo handicrafts to sell in the weekly market.

When he was just one year old, Kamal became ill with polio. Causing him significant pain, Kamal legs drastically weakened and failed to properly develop. His parents lost hope that he would ever recover and thought it best to keep him isolated in the family home.

Kamal, however, was determined to be active and mobile. When he was 18, he fashioned a wooden hand cane in order to get around his village. Kamal found that whilst this worked well for short distances, it would not suffice for longer journeys. To overcome this problem, he decided to build a tricycle which he constructed from tins, rods, wood and other locally resourced materials. This innovative home-made tricycle allowed him to travel beyond his village and to the market.

Having served him well for a decade, Kamal opted to trade in his tricycle for a newer model, replacing it with a government tricycle. He used this second trike for seven years until it gave up the ghost and was unsafe for him to operate.

In 2014, a community-based rehabilitation (CBR) worker visited Kamal’s village and conducted a home visit with him. Following a discussion with Kamal, the CBR worker passed his information on to Motivation and our local partner, ADWR, as someone who would benefit hugely from a mobility device.

Following a thorough assessment, Kamal soon found himself to be the proud owner of a Motivation tricycle! Tailored to suit his individual needs, this tricycle enabled Kamal to attend the weekly market and sell his handicrafts, allowing him to be independent and earn a livelihood.

Last year, Kamal got married. His wife also has a disability, with weakness and restricted mobility on one side of her body. Kamal once again used his innovative spirit to develop a tandem seat on his tricycle in order for them to travel together in comfort:

Positivity in the mind makes everything possible

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