"The future is now bright - just because of a good wheelchair! It was all that I needed!" Peter, Kenya

Transforming wheelchair services

In 2014 Kenya’s burgeoning economy saw it officially reclassified as a middle-income country. But economic growth hasn’t benefitted everybody and the majority of Kenya’s three million disabled people still live in poverty, unable to access basic services such as healthcare, housing, education and employment.  

It is estimated that at least 130,000 Kenyans need a wheelchair, yet good quality wheelchairs and services for disabled people are scarce.

Our latest work

Motivation has been working in Kenya since 2011 and we now have a regional office in Nairobi to serve the East Africa region.

Most recently we have embarked on a project in partnership with World Vision that will strengthen the wheelchair sector in Kenya and ensure that people with mobility disabilities get the right wheelchairs so that they can take part in community life and access the services that they need.

In this project, we are working across five counties, providing clinical and technical support for six wheelchair services and helping to improve staff skills so that they can provide people with wheelchairs that are fitted to World Health Organization standards. By driving up standards in Kenya, this work also has the potential to influence the practices of other East African nations.

As part of this project, we also aim to provide training and support for people with mobility disabilities to improve their health, wheelchair skills and self-confidence. Seemingly simple skills such as being able to transfer in and out of your wheelchair safely can make a huge difference to independence.

Learning how to transfer in and out of your wheelchair is an important skill: