"Today there are many charitable appeals - all for good causes but I regard Motivation as 'extra special'. With a legacy in place, I have the satisfaction to know that something is reserved for Motivation." Charles, Motivation supporter

Charles was introduced to Motivation after sponsoring his niece to climb Kilimanjaro. Learning about the charity, he felt compelled to leave a gift in his Will. In his own words he explains why…

I read about the campaign to restore mobility by providing wheelchairs for disabled adults and children in countries where the living is difficult and not much help available. I was intrigued and attracted by the emphasis on having expert design with maximum use of available materials. A good idea, well planned, worthy of support - I felt I wanted to help.

Planning our next 25 years

When Motivation began we set out with just one simple question: what if wheelchairs could be better? With the support of people like Charles we have shown the world that with the right wheelchair and support, even the poorest and most vulnerable can lead full, healthy and productive lives.

But now we face a new set of challenges.

Ageing populations, growing conflicts and rising numbers with chronic health conditions mean that more people than ever will need our support in the years to come. We plan to be there for them and we hope you will too and may consider leaving a gift to Motivation in your Will. This might not be your priority at the moment but perhaps, when the time is right, like Charles, you’ll think of us when you are planning for the future, so that we can plan for ours.

This could benefit us in so many ways, from supporting the development of a new generation of wheelchairs, to working with schools in Africa to make them more accessible for disabled children. Or just as importantly, it could help us keep the wheels on the head office operation, which co-ordinates and manages the whole operation from the UK.

Your choice

Regardless of the size of gift, your contribution can make a difference, and will be used in accordance with your wishes. If there is a particular aspect of our work that you would like to see supported, please just let us know.

Plus it’s incredibly easy to do. If you have already prepared a Will, then Motivation can still be incorporated into it by the simple addition of a codicil. Ask your solicitor how this can be done and if required we can provide the appropriate wording.

And, if you have already decided to leave a gift to Motivation, do let us know. Sharing your intentions will help us plan for the future. It also means that we can say thank you for making a lasting difference. Please contact our Head of Fundraising, Joanna on 0117 944 9844 to discuss your plans in confidence.