Fighting for inclusion

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world – over half the population there is living in poverty. For those with disabilities, life is even more difficult. Discrimination is commonplace, and disabled people often have little knowledge of their rights so are unable to fight for their inclusion.

Without appropriate wheelchairs, independence or confidence, many disabled people are excluded from society and left trapped in their homes. They are often without access to healthcare, education or employment.

In Malawi, 35% of disabled people have never attended school. Those who do make it to the classroom are often turned away by teachers who fear their condition or don’t see the value in educating them.

Empowering parents and carers

Alongside our expert wheelchair services, our work in Malawi empowers parents and carers of disabled children. Our training demonstrates the best ways to care for their children and provides information about disability rights, enabling them to ensure their child can be included.

Motivation’s Parent Carer Training in Malawi has huge health and social benefits for not only the children, but the parents and carers as well.

Families are taught how best to position, feed and communicate with children with cerebral palsy, and given important information about the rights of disabled children. This enables the children to become more involved in family life, and gives the parents and carers the tools they need to defend their children and make sure they are included by their communities.

For the parents and carers themselves, this training provides a valuable place where they can meet other families in similar situations and build support networks, helping them to feel less isolated.

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