Meet Mithusa from Sri Lanka. Aged six, she has Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy.

Unfortunately, Mithusa's education did not get off to the best start. Previously unable to sit up or talk without support, her mother was shocked to discover that her daughter was being widely neglected by her teachers at preschool, and was often left to lie on the floor in the corner of the classroom, unable to move or interact with her classmates.

Happily, things are much better now for Mithusa and her mother. Since receiving a Motivation Moti-Go wheelchair, Mithusa is able to enjoy her childhood just as any child should.

Now a pupil at a specialist school that Motivation helped to establish, she is able to receive appropriate teaching and is in an environment where she can thrive.

And the best part? Not only has Mithusa started to speak, but she also loves to sing, much to her mother's joy:

"Before attending to school, Mithusa does not speak. But now she is pronouncing words, especially 'Amma', 'teacher', 'school bus' and 'school'. She sings the Butterfly song which was taught by teachers in the school. Every morning, she would like to attend school!"


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