"I'm very happy. I beg my fellow friends who are suffering from spinal cord injuries that this is not the end!"

Moses lives in Uganda, where he served as an officer in the Ugandan army for eight years. His ranking and salary meant he could afford a comfortable life, and was able to provide for his wife Rosa and six children. But in 2006, he fell in his home and his life changed forever.

Moses knew something was seriously wrong when he lost control of his bladder after his fall. His brothers took him to a doctor, who told him he had sustained a spinal cord injury.

After ten months in hospital, Moses returned home. His life had changed dramatically since the last time he lived with them; he was unable to do anything for himself and relied heavily on Rosa. Sadly, after five years of caring for him, she decided to leave and took the children with her.

My worries are for my children - I want them to study.

Without his job and his family around him, Moses began to feel depressed. He was concerned he would not be able to pay for his children's education anymore so they could finish their studies. Worried about the future and trapped in his home, Moses began to feel desperate.

But Motivation was there to help. Moses received a Rough Terrain wheelchair that was suitable for the environment surrounding his home. He attended training that helps him with mobility skills, health management and budgeting. Though he was still adjusting to life without his family, Motivation's help gave him the strength and independence to start playing an active role in his community.

This is not the end.

Today, he is able to spend time with his friends, tend his land and grow vegetables, and sell his produce at market. Confident that he will soon be able to fully support himself, he is no longer worried about his children's education.

"I'm free - I can go to market and buy things," he told us. "I'm very happy. When I was a soldier, people liked me. Now that I am using a wheelchair, people still like me as before. I beg my fellow friends who are suffering from spinal cord injuries that this is not the end. This is not the end!"

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