An adjustable supportive wheelchair for children...

Ahsan is a 12 year old boy living with cerebral palsy. His home is a two roomed shelter on a camp in an area of Pakistan that has been ravaged by natural disasters and conflict, displacing thousands of people.

Not only do Ahsan and his mother have to endure the daily trials of living in the camp, separated from his father who is working far away as a bus driver to earn income for the family, Ahsan has had to cope with growing up with a condition that makes it very hard for him to sit up, communicate and take part in family life.

As a young child Ahsan was given an old orthopaedic wheelchair, which was so big, his mum tied ropes around his chest to hold him upright and stop him from falling out. He hated being in it. And as he grew bigger, his mum was no longer able to push him around in the chair and had no choice but to leave him in the shelter, while other children played outside or went to school.        

Today Ahsan is a very different young boy, thanks to his new Moti Go wheelchair, which combines a supportive seat for his additional postural requirements with a three wheel frame for increased mobility. Ahsan in particular benefits from the  shoulder, lap and ankle straps which are a key feature of this wheelchair. 

Ahsan no longer fights getting in his wheelchair, quite the opposite; he looks forward to it and the freedom it brings. At the same time his mother takes comfort from the knowledge that the chair fits, is supporting him physically and is much less likely to cause him dangerous pressure sores and infections.

And the wheelchair has brought Ahsan and his mum closer together “I have a friend of my child no. He can’t talk with us but he walks with us”

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