An adjustable wheelchair for children and young adults with extra postural support needs.

An adjustable wheelchair for children and young adults with extra postural support needs.

Motivation's Moti Go supportive seating provides comfort and adjustability while enabling slightly older children to venture out and explore.

With its stable 3-wheel frame design and long wheelbase, the Moti Go allows safe, independent mobility on uneven ground inside or outside.

An enlarged front castor wheel and 26” rear pneumatic tyres are cambered to support easy propulsion, even in the toughest environments.

The seating system is available in two sizes and is a highly adjustable so can grow with the child or young adult.

Other features include a tray, tilt in space, headrest and rear pushing handles for when attendant support is required.

This product is supplied with shoulder, pelvis and ankle straps to support good posture and safety. It also comes with a cushion with adjustable pre-ischial shelf inside a water resistant washable cover.

The rear wheels and the seating unit are designed with quick-release mechanisms to allow swift removal from the chassis, making it easier to store and transport.

The wheelchair has been designed so that parts are easy to replace locally.

Designed with Motivation’s expert technicians, the Moti Go supportive seating wheelchair is durable for at least five years of service during normal use, providing it is appropriately maintained.

Key features 

Available in two sizes

Removable tray for use at meal times, play time and school

Adjustable tilt angles to support change of position

Otional shoulder, lap and ankle straps for extra support

Adjustable trunk supports and hip pads that can be altered as the child grows

Removable self-propelling rear wheels with a quick-release mechanism

Clip-on, clip-off seating unit for ease of transportation

Posturally adjustable cushion inside a water-resistant cover




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